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if [ -z $postName ]; then
echo "Usage: <postName>"
exit 1
if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then
echo "Expected 1 arguments but found $# - exiting"
exit 1
pushd blog > /dev/null
hugo new "posts/$"
# Use our own env variable to encode which editor
# should be used to edit blogposts. Setting $VISUAL
# to `subl` leads to it also being used by (among
# others) zsh's `edit-command-line`, which is
# undesired
if [ -n "$BLOG_EDITOR" ]; then
$BLOG_EDITOR $outputLocation
elif [ -n "$VISUAL" ]; then
$VISUAL $outputLocation
elif [ -n "$EDITOR" ]; then
$EDITOR $outputLocation
echo "No default editor set - falling back to Sublime"
# I expect this is only ever gonna be used by me anyway, so
# I might as well set my own preference as the default :P
subl $outputLocation
popd > /dev/null