Interface to Matrix Commander ( so that other processes on the host can easily call it
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This package provides a locally-bound server that can be called to send messages to a Matrix instance.

Security is non-existent. Use at your own risk.


  • (Optionally) Create a user on your Matrix instance for this program to use
    • If running Dendrite locally, /usr/bin/create-account -config /etc/dendrite/dendrite.yaml -username $USERNAME -password $PASSWORD
    • If running Dendrite on Kubernetes, kubectl exec -it -n dendrite $(kubectl get pods --namespace dendrite -l "," -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}") -- <the above command>
    • If running something other than Dendrite, consult that implementation's documentation
  • Login to that user to create credentials on the host where this will run:
    • docker run -it -v <local_path>:/data matrixcommander/matrix-commander --login password --user-login <username> --password <password> --homeserver <home_server_address> --device <identifer_for_this_device>
    • docker run -it -v <local_path>:/data matrixcommander/matrix-commander --join-room <id_of_default_room>
    • TODO: extend this image so that these commands can be run from this image without referencing matrix-commander
  • Run this image:
    • If running on a single host: docker run -it --net host -v <local_path>:/data <image_id>
    • If running on Kubernetes - consider using anti-affinity

Why "Jason Lock"?

Because he's the Commander of the forces of Zion in the Matrix, and this is an interface to Matrix Commander.