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Collection of Helm charts, primarily for use in my own homelab (though, if you want to use them, you're welcome to!)


Package and upload

# Package a chart ready to be uploaded
$ helm package charts/<path>
# Do the upload
$ curl --user <username>:<password> -X POST --upload-file ./<package>.tgz https://hostname.of.gitea/api/packages/<user>/helm/api/charts
# Don't forget to delete the `.tgz`!


Bootstrap with kubectl apply -f main-manifest.yaml

TODO: App-of-apps to manage whole-cluster configuration in a more programmatic way.

Initial bootstrap

Note that you need to have manually connected the source Repository in ArgoCD before installing the App-of-apps.

TODO - when we have a better secrets management system, export Gitea user password so that it can be used by ArgoCD to initialize that repository directly (


As of 2024, I started using Jsonnet to define apps in a less repetitious way.

To check the output before submitting, use jsonnet -J app-of-apps app-of-apps/<filename>.jsonnet